Monday, June 27, 2011

We're Holding For Internet

No tubes here at the new place, so blogging is... difficult. The move went ok. Given a choice I don't think we'd use that same company again. It's been difficult wading through all the items that came today and already I've discovered some damage.

The house is just nuts. Gonna take some getting used to that I live here.  I'm not sure where the notion comes from, but it's like I'm visiting someone else's house.

We're discovering some notes for our crew. They rushed to get to where we could get in here and we're discovering some things they've missed. So far though I think only one thing that really can't be fixed (fingers crossed).

We've got carpentry here for the next few days and probably painters all week. After that maybe we can really get unpacked and feel like we're home.

I think we have Verizon tomorrow. No FIOS at this address, so back to DSL :-( but at least I won't have to plunk out blog posts on my phone.

If you're around you should come see the place. It's off the hook.

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