Thursday, August 24, 2006

Second Anniversary Post

So it is a little bit late, but I think that just reflects that there is so much more to go over, yes?

The second year of There Are No Bad Ideas saw a pronounced shift away from politics and more to life and work. I think the absence of a national election is partly to blame there, although it is difficult to stay engaged all the time. Perhaps with a meaningful Senate race here in PA this fall we will see more political content return. Or maybe every post will simply also say:

Please do not vote for Rick Santorum.

Which I think could also be effective and somewhat easier to read. Now, as they say on Marketplace: Let's do the numbers:

TANBI 05-06:

Total entries: 344

Total ellipses: 32

Total memes: 70

In retrospect I would have thought it was more ellipses. I feel like I do that almost once a week. It turns out to be pretty much twice a month with a few extras thrown in. I do believe I will try to get that number up next year. Mrs. TANBI will be happy to see that I am still averaging less than an entry per day. Early on in year one there was real worry that I would become a multiple time per day poster and that that said something about my quality of life. I think the clearance sale entries skew the number of memes, as there was one post with over 20 this year.

Some highs and lows...

Most Pictures:

Jessica's Broadway opening.

Most Comments:

Hotly contested shoe competition.

Cutest Picture:

Can't really beat baby pictures.

Worst Pic:

With the lovely picture of my cousin Dana.

Which brings us to David's Top 10. Input from readers was small, so we won't have a reader's top ten this year - maybe next time. I tried to actually rank these. It's pretty hard as they are so different. Here they are:

All in all I think a decent year for the blog. I'm looking forward to even better things in the next year!

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