Thursday, August 18, 2005

Anniversary Post

So here we are, one year later. And even though the url for the blog is no longer ranting like a moron, I certainly have done my fair share. Blogger has stopped showing the total number of posts on the profile page (that caught me by surprise) but I am sure it is over 360 total posts, something like a dozen "Ellipses...", a half dozen guest blogger entrys, 49 memes, 3 contests, and over 220 images. Quite a bit to read, seeing as how I know the author, you guys do it for some other reason. For that I thank you.

Some Firsts:

First Ellipses

First Guest Blogger

These two posts were something I was really confused to see. I don't know if this is the only times this happened becuase there is really no mechanism to find them. Except in these two cases someone followed a link from the page back to my page, and I happened to see it in my referrers list. Both of these posts were picked up by aggregators and put onto other pages on the net about specific topics. This one wound up on a page about biodeisel fuel:

and this one on a page about prescription drugs:

Some Mosts:

Most Comments in a Post

Most Images in a Post

Most Referrals Back to this Page

Most Outbound Links

There were actually several posts with 8 comments, this one managed 8 without me. I think I would like to see more comments overall. But I know people are busy, and that a lot of my content is just easier to move on rather than take me to task.

There were 2 posts with 20 images. They both found a place in this post, so this one felt ok here.

I hope the Dilbert people don't get mad at me for poaching their comic. Of all things I really had difficulty figuring out why a comic about subject matter experts would get so many hits. I think its because there are a lot of people out there doing Google Image Searches for graphics to put on meeting agendas, and this image has "meeting" in the filename (I used it on an agenda myself).

It isn't surprising to me that the Bachelor/Bachelorette weekend post had the most outbound links. It was sort of a post about links.
Some superlatives:
Cutest Single Picture

Cutest Overall Post

Best Art

Its not like I try to be cute, but sometimes it just happens. I really like the 2xTrinity pic. I think I'll make a poster.

My top 10 Favorite Posts:


I origially had 15 picked out, and I could have picked another 10 when I made my pass, but I think these are a nice representative section: some political, some teaching, some media, some just musing, some art, a little poetry of all things - a nice balance. I hope I continue to do as well.

And finally, the Reader's Top Five Posts:


Also very cool choices. That first one was the first post Marisa's mother ever saw. Maybe not the best timing. The commencement post made its way into my Dad's toast at my wedding. And that last one, well, it speaks for itself.

Thanks for a year of reading. I hope I have earned your attention.

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Peg said...

Happy Bloggiversary. Sorry I didn't contribute before my withdrawal from society. I had been thinking of doing something like this too but never got around to it. What rich content and great reading you've provided, along with more than just a few laughs. P.S. My vote for 05-06 is to keep the kitten photos and updates coming, no matter what.